Lano 2015

LANO logo 2015 (Decor Accessories)


ZOP 3000 logo (Mobile Game)


FORM logo (Design Collective)


Steinberg Palin Attorneys logo


WISO logo (Mobile App)


Stanford Payne Coaching logo (Business Coach)


Action Academy logo (Training Centre)

Action Academy CI

Action Academy CI (Training Centre)


Mapl Logo Authority logo (Logo / CI Specialists)

Ritual layout_1_72dpi

Ritual Creative Elements (Health Food Restaurant)

Mapl mobile stationery

Mapl Mobile stationery (App Developers)


The Business Breakfast Club final logo (Networking Forum)

The Business Breakfast Club

The Business Breakfast Club logo (Networking Forum)

Mapl Custom QR Code#1

Mapl Custom QR Code#1 (Logo / CI Specialists)

Mapl Stetionery 2015

Mapl Stationery 2015 (Logo / CI Specialists)

The Cunning Fox

The Cunning Fox logo (Music Outfit)

The Dippy Dilly Choc Co.

The Dippy Dilly Chocolate Co. logo

Sliced Bread logo

Sliced Bread logo (Creative Firm)

Fabulous Baker Boy 2015

The Fabulous Baker Boy 2015 logo (Digital Art Studio)

Kryptonite Events

Kryptonite Events logo

Free Wallpapers Coming Soon!

Free Wallpapers Coming Soon!


Ritual Food Bar logo (Health Food Restaurant)

Edge Radio

Edge Web Radio logo

OTION logo_1

Otion logo (Software Company)

Two Sugars logo_1

Two Sugars logo (Middle Eastern Furniture Suppliers)

Great White Design Co logo_1

Great White Design Co. logo (Graphic Design Firm)

The Sound  Foundation

The Sound Foundation logo (Radio Show)

Amanzintaba logo

Amanzintaba logo (Safari Resort)

Scharde stationery

Scharde stationery (Interior Designers)

Mental Combat stationery

Mental Combat stationery (Life Coaching Training Centre)

mapl stationery slide

Mapl stationery (Logo / CI Specialists)

Halo stationery

Halo stationery (AR NPO)

Emerge stationery

Emerge Architects stationery

Click stationery

Click Photography stationery

Amanzintaba stationery

Amanzintaba stationery (Safari Resort)

Studio logo

Studio logo (Venue & Nightclub)

SAPNA  logo

SAPNA logo (Corporate NPO)

Sacred Space Coffee logo

Sacred Space Coffee (UK) logo

Paper Diamond logo

Paper Diamond Jewelry logo

mylinqs logo

mylinqs logo (Mobile / Social Media) (EU)

Moodles logo

Moodles Mobile App logo (Mobile App)

Mill Creek logo

Mill Creek Films (USA) logo

Mapl Coaching logo

Mapl Life Coaching logo

Lano logo

Lano Decor logo (Decor Accessories)

Halo logo

Halo Animal Haven logo (AR NPO)

FireFly Design logo

FireFly Design logo (Design Firm)

Feastt logo

Feastt logo (Restaurant)

Fabulous Baker Boy logo_1

Fabulous Baker Boy logo_1

Edens Tree logo

Eden’s Tree Catering (UK) logo

Delicious Universe logo

Delicious Universe Chocolate logo

Circle 1.0 logo

Circle 1.0 logo (Software Product)

Chic Events logo

Chic Events logo (Events Business)

Brio logo

Brio logo (Restaurant)

Blk Mercury logo

Blk Mercury logo (Advertising Firm)

Black Coffe logo

Black Coffee logo (Music Artist)

Africa Earth Shine logo

Africa Earth Shine logo (NPO)

A.P.E. logo

A.P.E. Animal.People. Enviornment logo (NPO)