Delon Palm Design Art & Illustration or Mapl (pronounced maple) Logo Authority is a specialist bespoke logo & branding design studio that produces high quality work which instantly creates rapport – understanding that your logo & design work need to remain fresh, trendy and recognizable while delivering in the market place.


There is one single thing your business or venture simply cannot do without, a logo. A good corporate identity is the single most important element of any brand building – that’s what we do, create identities. Our experience spans over 2 decades and traverses the design, advertising, media, multimedia, marketing and event industries.

Our creative style, work ethic and philosophy can be best described as being unique, simple, comprehensive, clean, slick, clever, stylish, trendy, competitive, integral, honest and professional with superb service being our top priority – producing a final product that is refined, beautiful & delicious, naturally.


Well, it’s less about what you like and more about what will perform in the marketplace.
The design of a brand (it’s identity) includes all the visual elements and how they work together as a cohesive visual language. The visual language communicates, it helps to shape perception and grow recognition in the customers mind. All logo & design development processes start with research, understanding and positioning. Your logo not only needs to ‘speak’ to your brand, but it also requires the artistic and technical skill to ensure it’s functionality. Sizes, colours, formats, and usage all become design considerations.

Our innovative approach focuses on building personal client relationships with a passionate dedication to creative excellence. Our experience and drive bring together exceptional artistic skills and the ability to interpret ideas, applying our intellectual, conceptual and practical know-how to fit a carefully crafted solution, that meets any client’s needs. Rather than just being clever or quirky – our logos tell a story about the brands they are created for.


The investment you make to your company starts with branding. We will bring optimal value to your business through your logo and branding which we guarantee will be one of the best investments you will make. Given the incredibly high standard of work we produce, we promise competitive rates and a comparably fast turn around time, we know how sacred every second is. But you can rest assured there will be no hidden costs or “studio fees.”

In a nutshell – the highest standard or work, efficient friendly reliable service and an all around fantastic experience and product.

We are also fully geared to provide you with a 360˚ solution with our existing team and professional outsource partners which includes: Print Design, Responsive Web Development, Online Marketing, Digital Design, 3D, Pre-Visualization, Motion Graphics, Animation, Video Editing, Sound Editing / Production, Games, Illustration, Photography, Copywriting, App Development and customised full colour branded QR codes.