When you sign-up for ongoing monthly coaching, I will become your number one supporter and I will ensure that you’re moving in exactly the direction you want. In return, you’ll commit to doing the work, even when it gets hard, and to making the changes you need to make so that you can operate from a place of creativity, strategy, and ease.

The strength of our relationship will play a key role in your progress. It has been proven in study after study that the relationships between mentor and mentee, counselor and client, doctor and patient, teacher and student and coach and client have a significant impact on results.



I will do everything I can to support you by getting to the heart of what you want, challenging you to go further than you think you can, providing tools and resources to make it easier, and putting you in touch with people who can help you. I’ll be an open book and you can ask me anything, whenever the need arises. I will provide encouragement and ideas around your next steps, and I’ll be there to dish out a healthy dose of tough-love if I think you’re holding yourself back. Just knowing that I’m looking out for you will play a big role in how far you’ll go.




• Initial 45 min virtual / face to face assessment session FREE!

* All deals include FOUR 60 min virtual sessions per month + unlimited email correspondence + limited telephone correspondence + resources & FREE eBooks)

• I month       R 2 400 (incl.)

• 3 months    R 6 800 (incl.)

• 6 months    R 12 000 (incl.)

• 12 months  R 20 000 (incl.)


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