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Toxic Relationships & ‘Ghosting’

I cut people off often – and am definitely guilty of ‘ghosting’. I always have a valid reason but sometimes I may overreact because there has been a build up of betrayal, disloyalty, dishonesty, unreliability, negativity and a disproportionate amount of give and take, sometimes money gets in the way… there are many reasons but I do have pretty high expectations of people (not always the healthy kind) which I work on all the time…
But burning bridges CAN be healthy. Sometimes VERY nice, generous people are toxic as well – lord knows I am not perfect – so it’s not always a bad thing. I think the trick is to try and do it civilly so that no animosity remains and I think it’s the honourable things to do to let someone know why, especially if you have no intention of revisiting the relationship. Sometime a season of ‘time apart’ can be be constructive – it allows you to reflect peacefully.
Here are 3 very good articles on toxic relationships – how to recognise them and deal with them effectively.

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